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head-scarves... [Sep. 1st, 2006|12:50 am]
west meets east
We hear stories about head-scarves on the news from time to time, but it is usually vague: women in some countries are required to wear them, women in other countries are fired from their jobs for wearing them, sometimes they are called an expression of the woman's choice, sometimes they are called evidence of patriarchal oppression…

Meanwhile, here in West Phila., I see an enormous variety in the colors, styles, fabrics, patterns and levels of coverage of head-scarves – some are black, some are bright, some cover just the hair, some the neck as well, and some everything but the eyes. Are there names for these different styles? Are they associated with different countries, or different degrees of orthodoxy, or are they just personal choice?

I would love to hear women tell me about their own head-scarves, as well as how they feel about wearing them and how they feel about the stereotypes surrounding them…